Learning Tools

Learning Tools

You like to have fun with your child, teach him new concepts, find relationships and solutions, and test his memory. You appreciate developing and educational toys, and you are constantly coming up with new games that are exciting for both you and your kid.

We offer handcrafted educational games and tools for kindergartens, pre-schools, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers.

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The set consists of 30 figures – 15 big and 15 small ones
9 different colours

5 different shapes – triangle, square, round circle, star

The set is suitable for

  • learning colours, sizes, shapes
  • making sets of colours or shapes
  • finding shapes not applicable for the set
  • choosing shapes from the bag just by touching and feeling
  • finding just big or small pieces from the bag
  • finding the same shapes on the bean bag (if you have one made by me)

The textile figures are machine washable 40C.

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