Aprons with lace and rosette for girls

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Apron with lace and rosette for your little gourmet princess.

With such an apron the child feels her/himself beautiful, respectable and dignified when helping mother or father in the kitchen.
Aprons are stitched from high quality cotton fabric.

Aprons are available in three sizes:
1) Age 2 – 4y, apron length 40cm
2) Age 4 – 6y, apron length 50cm
3) Age 6 – 8y, apron length 60cm

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My Quilts are made in smoke and pet free environment.

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Industrial remnants. By using these products, you make a small contribution to saving the environment.
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My Quilts are made in smoke and pet free environment.

NB! With the sale of this product, we support the establishment of the Tallinn Zoo's Tiger Valley, for which we donate 20% of the product's sales revenue.

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