Baby quilt with cars (100 x 90 cm)

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Baby Pacthwork quilt with cars.

Size 100 x 90cm

This kids quilt, sewn with love and care, is the best gift for the smallest and most loved one.

Cotton fabrics, the backing is 100% cotton. Batting is cotton.

To care for your quilt, simply machine wash on a delicate setting with mild laundry detergent, then tumble dry on fluff air or lay flat to dry. The quilt will shrink slightly with its first washing, this creates the desired puckered effect. It will get softer and cozier with each washing.

My Quilts are made in smoke and pet free environment.

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Handmade sewn pencil cases are thin and lightweight and are made of moisture resistant material.

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Bags are made of high quality water-repellent fabric with a rubber / oil cloth layer inside. Both the bags and the zippers come in various colours.

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Products are upcycled using industrial textile wastes. By using these products, you make a small contribution to saving the environment.


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Really cute and romantic owl and butterfly quilt for girls! Lovely owls and butterfly are looking for a friend!

This quilted bedding can make your baby nursery cheerful! As well, this handmade patchwork quilt is a perfect baby shower or birthday gift.

The blanket is made using patchwork and applique techniques.
I used floral pink fabrics. The quilt and the back are cotton. The blanket is quilted over a polyester batting and finished with machine stitched pink binding.
All my materials are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage and come to you clean and fresh.

Caring for the quilt: Machine wash delicate cycle at cool temperatures. Tumble dry low or hang dry. Do not iron.

Measurements: 51 x 41 in / 130 x 105 cm

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Diaper bag with changing mat for on the go, portable.

Size 75 x 75 cm, when folded 25 x 25 cm.

Foldable diaper bag from natural materials with pockets for travelling, visiting or the shopping centre. Comfortable and practical – it fits all the essentials for taking care of a baby outside of the home. Easy to open and fold.

There are 5 pockets – for diapers, a pack of napkins, a baby bottle, clothes, and one small zippered pocket for pacifiers or other small items.

Linen fabric, cotton batting and cotton flannel lining with teddies. The surface of the mat is quilted to keep the cotton batting in place during washing, the edges are hemmed.

The mat is folded three times along the long edge at first, then folded three times again. The closure is with handles – you put the handles together and wrap the Velcro cover around the handles.

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If you have a large family and a lot of Christmas socks, it might happen that Christmas elves have a hard time looking for socks around the house each night. Make the lives of elves simpler and hang all the socks in one place. They will be very greatful.

This merry Christmas decoration is perfect for both home and the grandparents’ place where a different number of little ones might be expecting candy each day. Avoid the trouble of losing count and leaving someone without a morning surprise.

Size 70 x 50cm.

The wallcover currently has 7 large buttons for hanging socks. If you wish, I can add as many buttons as you like.

The wallcover has been sewn using the patchwork technique, is made of cotton fabrics and quilted on batting which makes the picture look textured and soft. The lining of the wallcover is also made of cotton. Fabrics have been pre-washed.

The set is machine washable with a delicate cycle. It is advisable to add a color catcher to the laundry.

The price does not include the Christmas socks in the picture. The little socks in the picture can be ordered separately from the Christmas store right here.

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Natural grey tones patchwork baby blanket with cute elephant and butterfly.

Elephant quilt is perfect for your baby nursery. It is ideal for newborns.
As well, this handmade crib quilt is beautiful baby shower gift. This blanket is suitable for boys and girls.

The quilt and the back are cotton. The blanket is quilted over a non-allergic polyester batting and finished with machine stitched binding.

All my materials are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage and come to you clean and fresh.

Caring for the quilt: Hand or machine wash delicate cycle at cool temperatures. Hang dry. Do not iron.

Measurements. 35 x 32 in / 90 x 80 cm

Ready to ship.

All items in the shop are designed and handmade by me in my non-smoking and pet free studio.

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