King Size Quilt Morning Star (235x235cm)

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King Size Patchwork Quilt Morning Star Bedcover (92" x 92") (235 x 235 cm)

The dawn-red stars are tiny and romantic in the light of the first rays of the sun. The golden sun grows large in just a few moments and spills more and more light over the trees and the flower garden. As the light covers the entire surroundings and dazzles your eyes – you feel like you are in a wonderland.
The new morning – beautiful and wonderful – has begun!

This pattern is called “Morning Star” and consists of approximately 2,400 pieces. The many stitches running along the quilted fabric make it striking and durable.

Cotton fabrics are used in the pattern. Lining is from cotton. Batting is made of thin polyester, a non-allergenic material.

This wonderful bedcover decorates your bedroom and brings a lot of colourful dreams to you and your partner. This also makes a nice gift for a wedding, for a new couple that is freshly married.

To care for your quilt, simply machine wash on a delicate setting with mild laundry detergent, then tumble dry on fluff air or lay flat to dry. The quilt will shrink slightly with its first washing, this creates the desired puckered effect. It will get softer and cozier with each washing.

My Quilts are made in smoke and pet free environment.

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The lovely blanket is made using patchwork and applique techniques and machine quilted. The quilt and the back are made in cotton fabric.The blanket is quilted over a polyester batting and finished with machine stitched binding.
All my materials are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage and come to you clean and fresh.

Caring for the quilt: Machine wash delicate cycle at cool temperatures. Tumble dry low or hang dry. Do not iron.

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All my materials are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage and come to you clean and fresh.

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All items in the shop are designed and handmade by me in my non-smoking and pet free studio.

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A stylish bag for your mobile phone. You don't have to squeeze it into your pocket or hold it in your hand, but it always with you – attached to your belt, handbag or jacket.

The bag is sewn from woollen felt / felt and leather, which makes it warm and durable. Closes with a zipper and has a carabiner for hanging.

A practical and lovely gift for your child, friend, colleague or loved one.

Can fit a mobile phone with a maximum size of 17 x 9 cm.

A) Flowers
B) Nautical

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Products are upcycled using industrial textile wastes. By using these products, you make a small contribution to saving the environment.

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Can be worn on the arm and on the shoulder.
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The bag has four open pockets and two zippered pockets. Pockets of various sizes are suitable for storing stationery, cosmetics, notebooks, mobile phones and other smaller items separately.

The bag has 2 metal rings. It is easy to attach a key ring or a mobile phone bag with a small carabiner to the ring inside the bag. You can attach a safety reflector or some other fun decoration to the ring on the outside of the bag.

The bag's dimensions: height 32 cm, width 35 cm and the width of the base 10 cm.

The handles of the bag are 64 cm.


A small bag can hold both stationery and cosmetics.
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Christmas Calendar, Advent Calendar with 24 pockets.

Stylish and beautiful Advent Calendar, made of natural linen, decorated with plenty of cotton lace, will bring beauty into your home and will fill your days with joy.

The Advent Calendar helps you and your children keep track of the Advent season and count down the days till Christmas. Every morning, Christmas elves will hide a small surprise - a candy, a poem, a wish, or a letter in the pocket marked with the correct date. Children can also use it for sending letters to Santa by putting theses in the large final pocket.

Product dimensions 53 x 71 cm.
Material: The Advent Calendar is of natural linen fabric with lots of cotton and linen laces as decoration. The fabrics have been pre-washed and the lace ironed and steamed to avoid shrinking after washing.
The numbers on the pockets have been embroidered.
The calendar comes with a pole (57 cm) and a hand-crocheted linen string.
The lining is made of cotton fabric with elves, and there is interlining between the linen and the lining to add strength.

The Christmas tinsel and red Christmas balls in the picture are not included.

The product is machine washable at 30C, delicate cycle. Do not use a centrifuge, hang up wet to dry. You can use steam when ironing

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