Linen kitchen towel, blue

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Linen kitchen towel.

100% linen, extra thick and durable. Stains do not show and the material absorbs moisture well.

Size 65 x 48 cm.

Material: 100% linen fabric.
Digiprint pattern.
Weight: 245 g/m2.

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Linen fabric, digital printing, blue. 

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Material: 100% linen
Width: 150 cm.
Weight: 245 gr/m²

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A tablecloth 100% linen, round, decorated with two-colour linen lace. Bright blue tones with digital print pattern.

The fabric is particularly dense and durable.

Tablecloth size 160 cm.

Material: 100% linen fabric, Weight: 245 g/m2.

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A set of linen kitchen towels.

The set includes 3 towels: 2 blue and 1 orange. 100% linen, extra thick and durable. Stains do not show and the material absorbs moisture well.

Size 65 x 48 cm.

Material: 100% linen fabric.
Digiprint pattern.
Weight: 245 g / m2.

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5,80 €