Mobile phone bag large, dark grey, woollen felt and leather (17 x 9 cm)

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A stylish bag for your mobile phone. You don't have to squeeze it into your pocket or hold it in your hand, but it always with you – attached to your belt, handbag or jacket.

The bag is sewn from woollen felt / felt and leather, which makes it warm and durable. Closes with a zipper and has a carabiner for hanging.

A practical and lovely gift for your child, friend, colleague or loved one.

Can fit a mobile phone with a maximum size of 17 x 9 cm.

A) flowers
B) butterfly

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Products are upcycled using industrial textile wastes. By using these products, you make a small contribution to saving the environment.

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You can buy thick flax cord at a price of 1.20 € / meter.

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Moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas are also expecting Christmas surprises. Just ask them! Or just gift them this small cute Christmas stocking! Washed linen fabric, cotton lining.

Stocking height 21 cm, leg width 11cm.

If you want a name on the stocking, I will embroider it by hand. You can order the embroidery separately from the products.

* linen, natural - A, B ja C
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Baby Pacthwork quilt for girls and boys, white, gray, green and mustard baby blanket, handmade baby shower and Christening gift (105 x 90cm)

This baby quilt, sewn with love and care, is the best gift for the smallest and most loved one.
This quilt will become as pet-blanket when the kid is growing up and using bigger blanket for sleeping.

Cotton fabrics, the backing is 100% cotton, cotton batting.

PS! Do not forget to add the NAME that you want on the product into the comments field of the shopping cart.

To care for your quilt, simply machine wash on a delicate setting with mild laundry detergent, then tumble dry on fluff air or lay flat to dry. The quilt will shrink slightly with its first washing, this creates the desired puckered effect. It will get softer and cozier with each washing.

My Quilts are made in smoke and pet free environment.

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