Play Mat Pink Fairy Tale (140 x 140 cm)

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Play mat for toddlers.

Size 140 x 140 cm.

Especially large, colourful, happy, full of joy of discovery and exciting things to play with.

The mat has many fun pictures that kids love that develop their dexterity and eye–hand coordination: sun with ribbons, spatial flowers, windmills, a sheep made of sheep wool, pockets with surprise pictures, etc.

Excitement and discovery is guaranteed for a long time, a child’s joy is also mum’s and dad’s joy.

Material: cotton fabrics, the sun and the sheep are made of woollen fabrics. Fabrics have been washed. Plenty of quilting will keep the shape of the blanket even after washing.
Batting is of polyester.

Machine-washable with wool washer cycle. It is advisable to use washing gel that will keep the fabric soft even after repeated washes. For colorful mats, it is advisable to add a color catcher into the washing machine.


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As well, it is a perfect baby shower gift.
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All my materials are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage and come to you clean and fresh.

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Product dimensions 53 x 71 cm.
Material: The Advent Calendar is of natural linen fabric with lots of cotton and linen laces as decoration. The fabrics have been pre-washed and the lace ironed and steamed to avoid shrinking after washing.
The numbers on the pockets have been embroidered.
The calendar comes with a pole (57 cm) and a hand-crocheted linen string.
The lining is made of cotton fabric with elves, and there is interlining between the linen and the lining to add strength.

The Christmas tinsel and red Christmas balls in the picture are not included.

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Nice, original and high quality bags for school, gym, shopping and travel.
Material: faux leather, decorative fabric, cotton lining.

The set includes:


A small sports bag holds sports clothes, footwear and showering essentials.

Suitable for wearing on the arm or on the shoulder.

The sports bag has 5 pockets. The bag has two open pockets and two zippered pockets. Pockets of various sizes are suitable for storing stationery, cosmetics, notebooks, mobile phones and other smaller items separately.

The length of the bag is 47 cm, width 21 cm and height 20 cm.
The handles of the bag are 52 cm.
Adjustable shoulder strap 70–130 cm.


Size 20 x 8 x 8 cm.

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