Satchel, crossbody, light gray, felt and faux leather

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For money, mobile phone, magnetic cards and keys. When you travel, your ID card and boarding pass are safely with you. When on your way to a summer event, stash a bottle of water in the bag as well.

Size 24 x 16 cm (9" x 6").
The bag has 2 zippered pockets. The lower pocket in turn has 2 small pockets for magnetic cards.

Sizes of pockets:
24 x 16 cm (9" x 6")
12 x 16 cm (5" x 6").

The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Material: industrial felt (wool) and faux leather. Shoulder strap from faux leather.
Industrial remnants. By using these products, you make a small contribution to saving the environment.
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Baby Pachwork quilt with animals, for boys & girls, 100% cotton (105 x 125cm)

This baby quilt, sewn with love and care, is the best gift for the smallest and most loved one.

There are great pictures - cute and nice animals and the bright colors - blue, orange, yellow, beige, white.

Cotton fabrics, the backing is 100% cotton.
This quilt has no batting, the filling is soft and thick quality terry-cloth, 100% cotton, prewashed.

To care for your quilt, simply machine wash on a delicate setting with mild laundry detergent, then tumble dry on fluff air or lay flat to dry. The quilt will shrink slightly with its first washing, this creates the desired puckered effect. It will get softer and cozier with each washing.

My Quilts are made in smoke and pet free environment.

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Caring for the quilt: Machine wash delicate cycle at cool temperatures. Tumble dry low or hang dry. Do not iron.

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All items in the shop are designed and handmade by me in my non-smoking and pet free studio.

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Insert is not included!

Measurements of the pillow cover: 19,7 x 19,7 in / 50x50 cm

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All items in the shop are designed and handmade by me in my non-smoking and pet free studio.

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Wall hanging set, tapestry set, Laplands with Suurupi Lighthouses – Lighthouse Front & Lighthouse Rear.

Pictures represent the views of the upper and lower Suurupi lighthouses. Photos of these lighthouses and their surroundings were helpful in planning my quilts. The lighthouse at the foot of the beautiful peony flowers symbolize the hostess of the lighthouse garden.

Materials are denim, cotton and batting. decorated with a few shells. Images are behind the eyes for a band that can confirm the pictures on the wall.

Suurupi lighthouses are beacons of my home, situated just 2245 meters away from each other. Upper Lighthouse (Light altitude 68m), which is made of stone, was built in 1760 and is, therefore, more than 250 years old.

Lower Lighthouse (Light altitude 18m) is wooden and built in 1859th. It is the oldest wooden lighthouse in Estonia and belongs to the group The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) that has listed 100 most valuable historical lighthouses that are still working.


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Waist bag for kids (16 x 14 cm).

Toddlers' favourite! You can use it to bring a handful of model cars, tiny dolls, or your own mini-animal collection anywhere.

For older kids, it is perfect for money, a mobile phone, magnetic cards, and keys.

The bag has 2 zippered pockets, one of which has 2 small pockets for magnetic cards. The bag can be worn on the waist or over the shoulder. There are loops on the back of the bag to attach it to the belt, if desired.

Material is leatherette and woollen felt.

You can purchase an adjustable belt or a leather shoulder strap to go with the bag.

Adjustable belts for waist bags, with two carabiners. The length indicates the total size of the belt with the bag. Write your selection in the comments of the shopping cart.
1) length 50–65 cm
2) 55–75 cm
3) 60–95 cm
4) 80–125 cm
5) Leatherette shoulder strap, length 80-125 cm.

NB! In stock you can see the quantity of selection A). Click on other options to see their quantities.

Products are upcycled using industrial textile wastes. By using these products, you make a small contribution to saving the environment.

NB! With the sale of this product, we support the establishment of the Tallinn Zoo's Tiger Valley, for which we donate 20% of the product's sales revenue.

You can read about the Tiger Valley project here:

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