Wall hanging quilt “Dance Festival”.

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Copy of My wall hanging quilt of Estonia’s 100th anniversary project “Patchwork Quilt 100”.

The name of my wall hanging quilt is “Dance Festival” and here is its story.


The Estonian people, in addition to their striking cleverness and business sense, are also known as a singing and dancing nation. Our continued tradition of traditional singing and dancing festivals has no equivalent in the entire world. Thanks to this, folk costumes remain popular, choral singing is of high level and our folk-dance heritage is still living on.

In Estonia, choirs and folk-dance groups are available from primary school level at every school and can also be found in any village society.
My patchwork quilt was inspired from the fact that I wanted to show respect to the tradition of our song and dance festivals, folk clothes, and to all those great choir and dance directors and composers who keep it all alive and grand for the whole nation and the world!

The quilt has been sewn on a linen cloth. I used a variety of stripy cotton cloths in the pattern – 52 different ones in total! These represent 52 folk skirt stripe patterns from different Estonian communities.
In the corners of the patchwork quilt are octagons – symbols of joy and good luck.

Project “Patchwork Quilt 100”.

The year of 2018 is the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia!

In this project, 100 Estonians seamstresses decided to sew a "My Estonia Today” themed patchwork quilt, each making a 100 x 100 cm (39" x39") quilt. In the end we will have 100 quilts that total 100 m (3937 in) in length.
A photo album (publication) will be compiled from the patchwork quilts and the works will also be presented at travelling exhibitions across Estonia as well as at the Estonian National Museum (ERM) in Tartu.

The publication include the name and photo of each quilt, a story about how it came to be and an introduction of the author.

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