Selecting and taking care of a patchwork quilt.

Selecting and taking care of a patchwork quilt.

A patchwork quilt made with care and love captures our wishes and dreams, thoughts and memories. If over time the child outgrows his first blanket it’ll still be cherished as it gives a feeling of warmth, peace and security.

Patchwork quilt sizes:
* Quilt length of less than 100 cm - for cribs, prams, car seats or as a security blanket.
* Quilt length of 100-130 cm is suitable for a toddler's bed, up to about 4 years old.
* Quilt length 130-160 cm is suitable, for example, for an extendable bed, for preschoolers and younger school children.
* Quilt length of 150-190 cm is for youths, almost adults. 
* The length of an adult bed is about 200 cm.

When sewing patchwork, we primarily use natural fabrics, i.e. cotton and linen. Natural fabrics are the best because natural fibers are breathable, durable and biodegradable. They're also natural insulators and skin friendly.

For children's blankets, we primarily use cotton batting, but also bulky or polyester batting which is considered an allergy-free material. Sometimes also wool batting.  

Instead of batting, especially in children's quilts, we also use cotton terrycloth. A quilt filled with terrycloth is thinner, but denser and heavier than a quilt with batting. A quilt made of terrycloth is especially good for a restless child, as a heavier blanket calms the child and gives the safe feeling of being cuddled. 

The price of a quilt is determined by:
* quilt size – the description of each quilt includes its dimensions.
* the complexity of the pattern and the size of the pattern blocks – the simplest is a pattern sewn together from large squares, whereas a complex pattern combined from much smaller blocks or even extremely tiny pieces takes much longer to create.  
* density and complexity of quilting – when buying a quilt, pay special attention to whether and how tightly the quilt is quilted. A quilt sewn together from blocks should be quilted at least at each square. However, a particularly exciting and time-consuming background can be obtained with dense quilting that covers the entire surface of the blanket in a complex pattern. The smaller the blocks of the patchwork quilt, the denser the quilting should be. Quilting secures the layers of the blanket to each other and makes it resistant to use and washing. With all our online store quilts, you can confidently trust the experience of our craftsmen in terms of both the quality of the seams and the quilting.
* price of fabrics and batting.

Patchwork quilt care:
All the quilts sold in our online store have been carefully quilted and are therefore machine washable. 
Wash the quilt using a wool setting. It is advisable to use washing gel that keeps the fabric soft even after repeated washes. For colorful blankets, it is advisable to add a color catcher into the washing machine.

Dry the patchwork quilt in a hanging position. Patchwork quilts must not be ironed or tumble dried.

 All the products we sell, have been created in a smoke and pet free environment.